Storytellers Project

Mental health affects everyone, but one in four of us will experience a mental health condition in any one given year. That’s mental – literally.

After spending some time reflecting on my own mental health, the thing that has overwhelmingly helped me to grow and accept my experience of life is clear; I have been drawn to stories – the story of friends and family, strangers online, my own acceptance that this chapter is a part of my own all helped me make sense of my mental health and understand that I am not alone.

Mental health can be hugely isolating – stories have always been my safe space since childhood. I want to give that safe space to others and to do that, I need stories. Storytellers is a guest blog series that I will be including in my regular posts. Some posts will be anonymous. Others won’t. Some will be supportive. Others will simply get their story out in the world. I hope you find some comfort in the words of our storytellers.

If you would like to get involved with the Storytellers project, send me a message, tweet me, send a message on Facebook or email me on You’ll be among friends.