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Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

It’s hard to comprehend, when it doesn’t happen to you. War, famine, disease – all of these things we know are awful, but we keep at arms length – saddened from afar. For me, that’s where my journey with mental health began. At arms length. Something I knew was horrible, but hadn’t touched my life. Then, that changed, and I began a journey I’m still working out how to navigate.

Mental Health, Reader

Why I’m glad you don’t understand my anxiety and depression

I wake up every morning and thank my lucky stars for your blissful ignorance. I'm glad you don't realise how your tiny, insignificant comment lingers in my mind in the 4am gloom. I'm glad that you think I'm 'angry', 'hysterical', 'rude', 'ungrateful', 'dramatic', because if you knew, if you truly recognised in me something you've… Continue reading Why I’m glad you don’t understand my anxiety and depression

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Storytellers | Chapter 5: R

Stories can come from anywhere and anyone. Mental health can be affected by anything and anyone. In Chapter 5, we hear from Rebecca Jayne, a fantastic blogger, who tells her story about experiencing social anxiety and depression. These kind of stories help us to normalise our own experience and make sense of that desperate emptiness of… Continue reading Storytellers | Chapter 5: R