When this is all over
(because one day it will be)
I hope I remember the moments;
The magic and
The memories we made. 
Now is precious,
Because you’re becoming you
During this – our desperation
To get back
To normal. 

Soon, we will open our doors,
Our hearts,
Our minds.
But we won’t just move on,
And leave this all behind. 
Now may seem long,
And soon may seem far away,
But now and soon will be history
When we look back on this some day. 

We’ll remember your birthday,
Your adventures,
The bumps to your head. 
We’ll recount the virtual kisses
While we have real ones instead. 
We’ll remember the stories,
The dreams, the nightmares too. 
We’ll remember this because
It’s when you became you. 

So when all this is over
(Because one day it will be),
We’ll look back on them fondly,
I hope:
The little moments of you.

1 thought on “Moments”

  1. I’ve had a parallel experience here Charlotte, having Lenny with me for lockdown. I’ve seen him grow as a young adult, being an “essential worker” in his first job. I have also reflected that this is the longest continuous time I have spent with Len (and Dexter) since I parted from his Dad 12 years ago. A precious time to look back on.


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