Updates and Changes

Well, well, well. A lot has happened over the last few months hasn’t it?

The more astute amongst you will notice a bit of a change – Upon my Desk has served me extremely well for over three years, but my life has drastically changed since those early blogging days.


Perhaps the biggest change is one that isn’t even upon me yet. I am going to be a mama! I have always known I was born to be a mum, and I am so excited to go on that journey. I know so many amazing motherbloggers, and I’m extremely excited to be able to become one of you. Upon My Desk did not allow for that.

Here he is, in all his 17 week old glory!

I want to focus more on lifestyle and parenthood – that WILL mean I still rabbit on about the usual mental health and books I’ve enjoyed. But more importantly, I will be able to join a community of mamas that have always inspired me.

So this isn’t so much a change as a branching out! I’ll be talking about my journey into parenting, fur babies, tortoise antics, decorating our home, being a part of the local community and generally documenting and joining the lifestyle bloggers out there.

So, a little update before we move forward with The Hive at 28, baby boy is 17 weeks and 2 days and happy, healthy and wriggly. We picked out the latest member of our family, the beautiful Jasper, a 4 week old goldendoodle, who will be joining us in a month or so. Dumbletort is still my number one baby boy, trying to nip our toes and demanding more food by banging his shell on the glass. We’ve just finished decorating our first room in number 28, the living room and set up a gorgeous gallery wall full of happiness.

So, my house full of boys and I will be here just as before, with a little more thrown in for good measure…

Thank you, as ever, for your support. Let’s see where this adventure takes us!

C ♡

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