Mental Health, Storytellers Project

Storytellers | Chapter 4: K

Stories can come from anywhere and anyone. Mental health can be affected by anything and anyone. In Chapter 4, we hear from K, in a frank and heartfelt poem written during a bad flare up of her chronic pain condition. I’ve found, in the past, that poetry can be hugely therapeutic and really help make sense of the pain you feel, whether physical or mental – and I hope you’ll agree with me that this piece is truly beautiful. On top of that, K is a true fighter and one of the strongest girls I know.


Frida Kahlo’s ‘Sin esperanza’

There’s a stranger knocking about upstairs,

turning over tables, kicking over lamps,

drinking the last of the milk and turning on the taps.

The bathroom has flooded and the kitchens a wreck

Now you’re running with scissors through the halls in my head

The pain of your presence, it slowly robs me of hope.

The bile rises slowly, now I’m ready to choke.

There’s a debt to be paid so I empty my pockets,

bleary eyed and pacified, you take it all

but I don’t suppose this’ll be the last time you’ll call.

Kayleigh is a 28 year old badass who knows a whole bunch of science and is the brainiest person I know. She also suffers from the chronic pain condition fibromyalgia.

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