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Poet’s Corner – Inhale

So recently (read ‘for absolutely ages’), I’ve been appalling at blogging. I legitimately don’t have a reason other than life. I will get better – promise.

Classic Facebook reminded me of a poem I wrote this day last year and so I thought I would get back into the swing of things with another little bit of poetic waffle.


You are familiar; another strange face in the crowd,

Catching my eye, looking away, without breaking our gaze. 

It’s only been moments, each moment a year, each year

Lingering on my tongue, bursting. 

I breathe in, swallowing memories and water before choking 

On air. Your smile revives me and when

I wake, the world is brighter, colours are vivid, 

Breathing is stable, easy. 

My fingers tremble. 

My heartbeat stutters. 

Familiar, strange, torturous. 

Inhale 2

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