This will only be a short one, but it’s one that I feel needs to be written. When you are younger, your heroes are formed. Many are formed early; my family are a bunch of absolute heroes who I look up to more than anything. Others are formed through various aspects of your personality, through nurture, rather than nature.

I was excited for 2016, and still am. However, that doesn’t detract from the sad loss of such incredible human beings from this earth. With another year, comes another set of celebrity deaths, which ordinarily, do not affect me beyond a cursory ‘Oh, that’s sad’.

This week, however, I have lost two of my absolute heroes.

David Bowie, 69, cancer. I am not alone in calling David Bowie a hero. I have seen the impact he has had on generations of my family, and despite never meeting him, his presence has been such that I, along with many others in the world, was deeply moved by his passing.

Alan Rickman, 69, cancer. While he was a phenomenal actor in his own right, Alan Rickman, for me, is Snape through and through. I vividly remember seeing the tales I had fallen in love with on screen, and while I quickly grew to love Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton (the list is endless), Alan Rickman as Snape was the person I knew from the off was perfect. Harry Potter is immensely important to me; it was the first time I truly immersed myself in a world unbeknown to me, and felt like I belonged.

To David Bowie, thank you for being our star man; I know you are waiting in the sky. To Alan Rickman, thank you for teaching us how to ensnare the mind and bewitch the senses. My wand is raised.

I have donated £10 to Cancer Research UK. I implore you to do the same. Cancer sucks.

C ♡

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