Leap of Faith

Just a short one to let you know about my next 2016 adventure; I have taken a leap of faith and headed up to the capital for a few days. Lately, I have been struggling to get past a certain chapter in my work in progress. It came down to one thing in the end. Being cooped up inside, writing rather than experiencing seemed to be the cause of my block. 

So, I will be spending a few days people watching and breathing in the buzz of the city; the hustle and bustle outside parliament, the grand structures surrounding me, the rush of people at the station, trying to get home after a long day. Generally, I’m not one for solo adventures, so I hope that by pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I will be able to make some real headway on Genevieve’s story. I can almost feel her bursting out of me, so I desperately need to give her a home. I will update you all when I get back… Wish me luck!

C ♡


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