Holiday Adventures – Wedding Withdrawal

Time is precious to everyone. In my job, I find that time is priceless. In the constant cycle of marking and assessment and planning, any time where my head is clear is important to me. Friends are even more precious. When you combine the two and spend quality time with the ones you love, there is honestly, in my opinion, nothing better in this world.

I was fortunate enough to do just that this past weekend – I have been quiet on the blogging front, because my attention has been focused on the lead up to, experiencing of and post-wedding blues. This weekend was magical, and I spent it with my favourite people in the most beautiful venue I have ever seen.

06.40 – Bright and early, the tapping on the door of an excited, shower-bound best friend begging for towels is met with the early morning expletives come to be expected of a morning hater such as myself. Once the sleepy dust has dissipated from the corners of my eyes, however, I am raring to go.

Fuelled by croissants and Belgian buns, we scoot out the door in search of make up and prep work galore. After waiting outside the store in full bridesmaid regalia, we are primped and preened to within an inch of our lives at the Benefit counter. It feels wonderful and I feel like a princess.

Benefit faces at the ready.
Benefit faces at the ready.
Once made up, we take a road-trip to the hotel, with an unplanned detour to the venue. I’ve never been as excited as when I first see my beautiful best friend, hair undone, makeup not yet applied, her fabulous dress hanging in the background. Hours pass like seconds, as we do hair and makeup and clothe and accessorise ourselves, watching life run by in fast-forward, as fluid as water running from a tap, as never ending as the sky.


13.30 – Awaiting lifts and luxury cars; jitters and nerves are all but non-existent – the beautiful bride taking every moment in her stride, elegant and graceful as she has always been. Her groom is a lucky man and I can’t get over how truly wonderful the day has already been; it hasn’t yet begun. Spending time with my favourite people is priceless and the thoughts of school which are, ordinarily, plaguing my brain, haven’t crossed my mind for hours – it is refreshing, relieving.


After an hour long delay, anticipation eating every inch of us, the cars finally arrive – the groom’s nonchalant ’10 minute’ estimation taking somewhat longer – and we accessorise with bows and ribbons; the cars equally important, playing their part in every step of the fairytale. The journey takes moments, whizzing by, and we pull up at the venue. The fountain trickles, part of the soundtrack of the day. The bride is prepped, her train is organised and her fingers wrap daintily around her bouquet as we enter the venue, music playing gently in the background. All the hours, weeks, months, years of planning culminate in the stunning ceremony; the confirmation of what we knew all along, that they are soulmates, that they are best friends, that they are meant to be.

IMG_7292_2IMG_7293_2IMG_7298_2IMG_7299_2IMG_7304_2IMG_7309_2IMG_7313_2IMG_7320_2IMG_7334_2IMG_7341_2IMG_7359_2 - Version 2IMG_7460_2 - Version 2IMG_7468_2IMG_7488_2 - Version 2IMG_7512_2 - Version 2The rest, as they say, is history. We laughed, we cried, we ate, we drank, we danced, we sang, we hugged, we kissed, we loved. I spent the evening with my favourite people, and my job, my responsibility, my life outside that marquee didn’t even cross my mind.

Thank you to my beautiful friends for having me, making me your bridesmaid, and allowing me to share in your magical fairytale. I will be forever grateful, and we will look back on this day for years to come; fond memories were created and I will never forget how wonderful you are, and how much love saturated the air. You deserved the perfect day. I am glad I could be a part of it.

IMG_7527_2 - Version 3  IMG_7321_2    IMG_7531_2

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